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  • Select "Update Account" in the horizonal menu at the top of the page.

  • Select

    Setup or Change "Confidential Access" Code

    If you need to setup the Confidential Access Code for the first time, start here.

    Access Code MUST be a minimum of:

  • 12 characters in length.
  • Contain at least one upper case
  • Contain at least one lower case
  • Contain at least one number or one special character.

  • Retype the password

    Select Submit and you are done.

    If you do not know your code and need to reset it, simply select "Reset Confidential Access Code"

    Do not enter any information below, only select RESET.

    Once you receive the email with your temporary code

    you can come back to this page and change it to a code that is easier for you to remember.