Setup or edit Automatic Billing

Follow the directions below to setup/edit Automatic billing

Once logged into

Select "Manage Firm Account" from the bottom left of the screen.

Select Automatic Billing

Top left of the page, select "Automatic Billing"

Enter a description for your reference ex. "Regions Checking" or "Citi Bank Card"

Select Add a Payment Option

How would you like to pay?

You can pay with eCheck or Debet/Credit Card

To setup the eCheck

Enter all of the billing information that matches what your bank has on file.

Payment Details

Makre sure your Routing Number & Account Number are correct. Select the Account Type and then "Finish"

Credit Card

Once you've entered the Billing information, select the Card, enter the Card Number, CVN and Expiration Date, next select "Finish"

If you are still experiencing the same issue Contact us ASAP for further assistance.