Login at Alacourt

Select "Learn More" in the middle of the page.

Next enter the Name or Code of the Attorney, then select "Search".

Calendar Setup

Select "Subscribe to (6 digit atty code gose here) Calander"

This takes you to a page that explains the setup and provides a link to copy.

Once copied, the link will need to be pasted into the calender of your choice. We refer to this as "Subscribing to the Calendar"

Subscription Setup

Subscribing to the Calendar Once you have copied the link from alacourt.com, you can then go to your calendar.

Calendar Setup

Once your calendar is opened you will need to find the place to add the Subscription

Google Calendar allows you to "Add a Calendar". Select "Other Calendars" then select "Add by URL"

A dialog box will appear Add by URL Paste the link from Alacourt and select "Add Calendar"